Nikon D600 and Canon 6D

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Re: Nikon D600 and Canon 6D

czesuaw2 wrote:

I've D7000 and a few nice lenses but I'm thinking to go FF propably D600 instead of D7100. On other Nikon forum about the D7100 there was posted a link to picture comparition site: between D7100 and Fuji but I've found very interesting to compare other cameras together with my frend who has 600D and want to go for Nikon FF because he like better Nikon pictures.

I was blown away by comparition between full size JPG's from D600 and 6D which outperform the D600 on every higher ISO setting. How it is when i.ex. DxO is rating the D600 higher so many other sites. After a similar article in Norwegian Digital-photo I'm realy confused and very sceptical to many reviews and sites comparing cameras and lenses. I've relayed on DxO as many testers use their charts in reviews and if the Canon is so damn good why the whole world is not using it. I've choosed D7000 because it was the best camera for the many. Or maybe there is something I don't know.

If you compare JPGs, you compare two different sets of settings that create these files from the raw data.  Canon typically has higher contrast and sharpening settings.  However, their JPG noise reduction is more aggressive while doing a reasonable job of retaining detail.

If you compare the RAW images, the results are much closer, although the Canon does still have lower noise in general at higher ISOs.

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