can't decide between two tripod/head combos

Started Mar 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: can't decide between two tripod/head combos

Well, Tyyreaun has given you much better answers than I could, so I will leave that alone.

I will add that with quick release plates, most camera manufacturers configure their cameras so that an attached plate will not affect the ability to use the camera fully.  I've never removed my plates from my cameras or lenses once installed.  I can easily remove the batteries, etc.

Also, I know that I can't hand tighten a small screw like that enough to ensure it doesn't come loose, so a coin slot is preferred for me as I can use a screwdriver or quarter to tighten it.

I use a Manfrotto plate system and I did find it limiting when I went to buy a monopod.  That may be a benefit of the arca-swiss plates - you have more options if you decide to buy additional tripods, monopods, etc.

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