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Sean Nelson
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Re: "bean counters" are working hard

migibson99 wrote:

My expectation is that over time desktop computers, and Microsoft with them, are going to become a niche market primarily for content producers

Respectfully disagree.  While many see the rise of tablet computing as a sign that desktops are on the way out, I don't see it that way.  I think desktops/laptops will continue to be an important part of the business world for MANY years to come.  I am in a non technical field, yet I could not/would not do my job on a tablet alone.   I definitely use a tablet as one of the tools in my tool belt, but certainly not the only tool.

To the extent that business people are "content producers", yes I agree that the desktop will remain relevant.   But there are an awful lot of job titles in corporations that are basically data lookup or data entry positions - those don't really have a need for a full-fledged desktop.   Indeed, corporate IT departments would love to lock down and simplify systems in those kinds of roles to the greatest degree possible.

And certainly in the great world outside of corporations, the desktop is destined to play second fiddle to mobile devices for most people.

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