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Re: Multiple copies makes data safe, but...

neighkon wrote:

I have multiple copies of my files on several external hard drives and even raw drives ( I bought an IDE/SATA to USB adapter for this) now the problem is data management. Now I need to take time to go back and weed out the duplicate of the duplicates. Its my fault that I did not "archive" methodically I basically copied folders over to my back up drives. I recently purchased a 3TB usb 3.0 external and will be using this as my big pot to organize my files. Now I'm searching for a way to find multiple copies of a file so I can delete them but since we are talking about photos I'm hoping LR would do the trick. Of course like you a lot of those are edited files and I have multiple versions of a file as I save a lot as I edit along. Anyone with suggestions ?

Since I keep all my jpegs (and the raw file on the outside chance I may do something with the file at a later date) I have 5.5Tb (335000+ and video, too) backed up with Crash Plan Plus.  Reasonably priced (starts at $US4.00/month for unlimited storage) and reasonably fast.   Light Room will do a bang up job of keeping track of your files if you add the tags when you do the import - or after the fact if you forget.

As to de-duping - the best I have seen (and use) is Easy Duplicate Finder here:


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