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Re: A few factors likely contributing...

I think we do get milked on a lot of things.  I think however that it almost always comes down to individual retailers.

For example; the A77 has been cited as proof positive of Canadians being ripped off.  I just looked and B&H has it on for $1099 (Body only).  I picked mine up two months ago at TheCameraStore in Calgary and paid $1199 (body only).  A whopping $100 more.  For that $100 I got an extra years warranty - whether I need it or not, there is a cost to providing that.  My box requires english and french writing (yay quebec), and a bilingual manual (again Yay quebec).  I'm not sure what the fuss is over a measly $100.  If you can't find a better deal, possibly you're not looking hard enough.

Some other considerations (and these also likely apply to other countries such as UK, Australia, etc.):

- whoever said cameras are duty free is wrong. The cameras are made in taiwan or china or someplace other than a nation we have a free trade agreement with.  Therefore; a tarrif applies.  Buying it in the US or Mexico only gets duty free status if you stay long enough, or if it's actually made in the US or Mexico.

- The Cost of doing business in Canada is significantly higher.  We have a higher minimum wage, higher employer contributions to things like CPP; EI, etc. resulting in higher overhead that is in turn passed on to the consumer.

- As has been mentioned; our economy is smaller and the market for an individual camera is also smaller.  In a city like New York there are a significantly higher number of people who are potentially in the market for a Sony A77 than you would find in a market like Toronto.  It has nothing to do with whether or not the average Canadian is financially better off or not, it's simply a function of the number of people who are willing, able, and intending to buy a Sony Camera.  We Canadians have less bargaining power with retailers due to this and therefore get stuck with higher prices.

- Infrastructure; In the US they have trains that go everywhere.  Goods from Asia can be offloaded at any port on the west coast and travel via rail to almost anywhere in the country.  Here in Canada; goods come off the boat in Vancouver and have a much less efficient journey to their individual destinations.

I'm not suggesting we should be happy about every price variance; but it's not always because we're getting ripped off.  In my case, I feel that the $100 extra I spent on my a77 was an honest difference in price and that extra year of warranty makes it worth it to me.

FWIW; I've also peaked at a lot of lenses on BH and compared them to the Camera Store in Calgary and the Calgary prices are almost always equal or slightly better.  What we do lose out on  is selection.

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