Sony Zeiss 24mm - What is so special?

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Re: Sony Zeiss 24mm - What is so special?

I very much like the 35mm f/1.8. IMO, it is a really solid lens. The "character" of the lens is neutral. Nice bokeh, good contrast, pleasant color rendering. It's very similar to may of my most often used Nikon lenses. Solid, predictable workhorses.

What intrigues me  with the Zeiss 24mm is twofold. First is the spec sheet stuff. 24mm (36mm equivalent) is really useful. For me, it's well suited for indoor family shots as well as landscapes and cityscapes (I like the perspective).  The excellent build is nice but not particularly important to me. It's a fast f/1.8 lens which is a plus. It does not have OSS which is one of the fee negatives. The fact that it focuses closely, has very little distortion and excellent sharpness and microcontrast mean it's a lens with few compromises.

The second thing is the character of the lens. The way images render and pop. The way they seem a bit more intense and the way the lens is not neutral but has a distinct personality. This is what I'm trying to get a handle on. Special is good. I like special

The discussions are really helpful. Some sample images would be better yet. If it's really, really that good, I might drop the cash to get it. But I'm not spending $1100 for something that is not significantly superior to my 35mm f1/.8.

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