My HS50 EXR - Impressions ...

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My HS50 EXR - Impressions ...

... Well, I've had the HS50 EXR for about four days now. In that time I have shot around 430 images and also done some comparisons to the HS30 EXR

My impressions :

I quite like the HS30 EXR as a carry around camera but felt it lacked the IQ I would expect from a third generation HS camera. That is not to say you cannot get good images from it

So, the HS50 EXR appealed as it boasts a newer sensor, faster focus speeds and greater focal length

In comparison to the HS30 EXR, the HS50 EXR delivers the same IQ and focus speed 'feels' the same

Where it is much better than the HS30 EXR is in write speeds, the swivelling LCD is far more versatile and it feels much better balanced in the hand

Additionally, the menu is available immediately after a shot has been taken, even if it is still buffering the last shot. Not so on the HS30 EXR

In terms of the Jpeg engine, for the type of shooting I do and the type of post processing I do, I find that using Sharpness at +2 and NR at -2 works best for me

I shoot Raw plus Jpeg and mostly use the Jpegs. Until now I have been shooting M (medium) Fine but after processing some of the M Fine Raw files and then doing a comparison to Raw L (large) Fine files, I have abandoned M Fine

There is a noticeable difference in what can be extracted from the Raw L Fine files compared to Raw M Fine

My settings :

Note - These are simply what I have settled on as I want a versatile carry around to suit a broad variety of shooting situations. They may, may not, suit what you want from the camera, and your work flow in PP. So, experiment with settings to suit what you want

Program AE
ISO - 1600 (Auto)
Image Size - L 4:3
Image Quality - Fine + Raw
Dynamic Range - DR 200
Film Simulation - STD (Provia)
White Balance - Auto
Color 0
Tone 0
Sharpness +2
Noise Reduction -2 (Even set to -2 the NR is quite 'savage')
Photometry - Average
AF Mode - Tracking (With it set to Tracking, there is no need to use the four way controller, simply focus on your subject, half-press and shoot. If you, or your subject move, the AF will track and remain focussed)
Electronic Level - On
Exposure Compensation - Minus 0.33EV

Bottom line :

I will keep the HS50 EXR over the HS30 EXR but it is still not what I expected a fourth generation HS camera from FujiFilm to be

That being said, it is capable of good images, in a wide variety of situations, and is a fun carry-around camera.

It is certainly no S100 fs replacement, which I still regard as the camera for FujiFilm to best.

Comparison samples :

I have decided against posting copious comparison samples. I would rather spend my time out shooting and post what I get out of the camera 

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Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR
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