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texinwien wrote:

Most photographers make a conscious decision about clipping some highlights, at least the specular ones, but how far they are willing to go is a very personal choice. In the vast majority of cases covered in this forum, it was 1/3 to 2/3 of a stop above the camera meter.

Not to be argumentative, but I would like to know your source for the 'vast majority' statement. I'm seriously not trying to start something - I would like to know more about this, since it's not ringing a bell for me.

It is my personal observation after years of looking at this stuff. I am not willing to go back and seek every single reference. I think it would be wasteful, considering that everybody has their own shooting style. At the same time, I do not ask to take my word for it, I ask to test it for your own style and application.

The reduction of noise with such a modest exposure increase can be barely noticeable. Here is an earlier discussion of what techniques work and how well, and the 2nd post in the thread links to some data and discussion of the problem.

I'm not sure how helpful the link is (or the post you mentioned with its 3 other links and no other information). That is, unless someone wants to dig through the haystack in order to find the needle - it appears you've linked perhaps 600 posts on the subject (4 discussions, each at 150 posts, although two of the sublinked discussions yield 'page not found' errors for me, at the moment).

The first link is not particularly important now, it was just setting the rules for the test. Here are the other links in a working condition:


Discussion of the data

I am sorry that I can't give you a clear cut answer, but it is a complicated issue, and there was a disagreement of opinions, and several methods for performing ETTR. It is not possible to summarize it in one post without making it look like a dissertation. It would not be much shorter than the original discussion anyway.

I hope you can use at least some of the subject lines as a guide, or you might want to display the thread in the flat view and start from the end. There is a reason why these threads always max out, and it's always pretty much the same discussion every time. You can go back and read the thread in one sitting, or you can watch here how all the same stuff is repeated again.

Perhaps your statements are more geared to the m43 world, as a whole, but aren't as applicable to some specific models? In which case, I think it makes sense to state that specifically, if there is a significant variance between different m43 models such that ETTR might make more sense with some cameras than it would with others.

The thread covered G3 and E-M5 for sure, and I believe there might be some GH2 results. I think this would cover µ4/3 system pretty thoroughly. I don't know about other systems.


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