Mirrorless Recommendation ( Sony Vs Olympus? )

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Adapted lenses

Louno wrote:

In terms of lens availability, although olympus has more choice, there are also quite a variety of lens available for nex when you consider using adapters, although, I would rather not use adapters to minimize bulk, its still an option and am seriously considering it (for either camera) as I have a friend that could sell me his AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens for really cheap.

Keep in mind that the old manual lenses are almost always very soft wide open, on either µ4/3 or NEX system. Most likely you will have to close it a full stop before you can take pictures with it. Keep it mind when you compare apertures. Definitely ask in the forum about experience using whatever legacy lens you want to get, regardless of the system with which you end up.

Of course legacy lenses also negate any size advantage of the mirrorless system as well. I though to mention it because you were trying to save space with a powerzoom.

BTW, you can mount a Panasonic 14-42 PZ powerzoom lens on the Olympus instead of the kit lens, and it will be the same size as the Sony with power zoom.

Concerning the kit lens, is any of the 2 camera's kit lens good enough for my purposes ? I want really sharp lens with shallow depth of field and nice bokeh. Which of the 2 camera would be better suited for this ?

Neither kit zoom will give you what you want. You fill have to get a fast lens in normal to short telephoto focal length.

I would assume having a touch screen a considerable advantage?

It is very convenient to simply touch the point where you want to focus. But it's not a deal breaker.


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