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R2elk wrote:

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R2elk wrote:

After giving Olympus feedback on their advertising email and clearly stating my desire for a pro spec DSLR with OVF upgrade to the E-5, I received an email response stating that there will be a successor to the E-5 released this year that is optimized for the use of 4/3rds lenses.

They offered no details or specifications. I did make it clear that I will not buy a camera that is not an improvement on the E-5 nor will I buy one that has an EVF and that I will not buy any m43 cameras or m43 lenses.

So, it sounds like you are not their target market then, given what you say in your second paragraph; a native 4/3 mount DSLR does not need to be optimised for the use of 4/3 lenses since, apart from manually focused adapted lenses, it can only use 4/3 lenses. If the successor has to be optimised for 4/3 lenses it implies that the native mount is not 4/3.

It could, of course, yet again, be a totally different mount that is neither 4/3 nor m4/3, but which allows the use of 4/3 lenses. How about an Olympus badged, mount modified A99 .


You have made it very clear that you don't believe Olympus when they said that they will continue the production of DSLRs.  For some reason you appear to have the "dog in the manger" attitude.  The dog coluldn't eat the hay but wasn't about to let the other animals eat it either.

You have made it painfully clear that you are against Olympus making a DSLR because you don't want one and for some unknown reason you seem to want Olympus to force everyone to use m43.

Olympus is well aware that m43 is not for everyone.

My opinion is that you should go spend your time in the m43 forum since you are so blatantly anti 4/3rds.

Don't bother replying since I will not waste any more of my time on you.

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Comments and critiques always welcome.
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What can I say - that I haven't already said before? I may well prefer accuracy over optimism, but have tended to avoid commenting on the 4/3 -m4/3 tug-of-war. Maybe you missed this post http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50873001 ; one of the few occasions where I have indicated my views for what they are worth.

Like your sig. by the way.


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