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already happening

skyglider wrote:

If that scenario happens, MS will die a slow death.

It's already happening, hence the "Yep -- Windows is a dead/dying OS" title I used in my earlier post here.

I'm only the messenger.  If Microsoft goes through with removing desktop app compatibility (as the article about Windows Blue I linked to implies), then that's probably because they're focusing on app sales.

With very few exceptions (for example a developer license that allows "side loading"), you can't run any applications that are designed for the new style (formerly known as Metro) User Interface unless you get them from Microsoft's online store (where they'll make a profit on competitors' applications. too).

It's already that way now with Windows 8 (where you can still get desktop apps from other sources, but all apps designed for the new style UI must come from Microsoft's stores).  So ,if they remove the ability to run desktop apps (as some of the articles about where Microsoft is moving to imply), then anything you want to run will need to come from Microsoft.

IOW, on the surface, that's the revenue model they're moving to.   Also, look at the history of Windows 8 development so far.  You could bypass the Metro screens in the original Win 8 developer preview and get a traditional style start menu back again.  But, they "killed" those features in the Consumer Preview (where you needed to use third party software to get a traditional style desktop menu launcher back again), and the same thing applied to the RTM release.

Now, we're seeing articles implying that Windows "Blue" may remove the desktop entirely.

If that turns out to be the case, then any app you want to use will need to come from Microsoft's online stores.  That's the type of revenue model used by Apple for it's IOS devices (iPhone and iPad), where all apps need to come from Apple.  But, at least Apple is smart enough to allow users to install apps from other sources on devices running OS X (Mac desktops and laptops), and realizes that more than one Operating System is needed (IOS for smaller mobile devices like phones and tables, and OS X for larger notebooks and desktops).

But, it looks like Microsoft thinks that the same Operating System can be used by both desktops and mobile devices (meaning a "jack of all trades and a master at none") from what it looks like on the surface right now from analysts writing about their latest Windows Blue development that was leaked.

So, if they stick with that strategy, it looks to me that Windows is a dead/dying OS (as in the title of my previous post about it).

I know I'll move to Linux if the scenario you described happens.  Hmmm, maybe I should buy some Apple stocks...

You don't have to wait.  Just install a few of the popular Linux dstros in a multi-boot config with Windows.  Then, just pick the OS you want to use from a menu each time you reboot your PC.

That's the way all of my computers are setup -- with Windows and Multiple Linux distros on them.  But, I don't use Windows very often.

Just pick one of the popular choices and their installers will automatically create a boot loader and boot menus that include Windows.   It only takes about 10 or 15 minutes to install a mainstream LInux distro "side by side" with Windows now.

Most have "live CDs or DVDs", too.  That way, you can boot into a distro and see if you like it or not before installing it.   I'd start with some of the popular options you'll see on the right side of the main page at

For example, Linux Mint, OpenSuse, and Ubuntu.  They all have installers that make it easy to use them in a dual boot config with Windows.--

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