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I've been running CCC to clone my 2TB iMac (upgraded and 5 years old by now) over USB 2 for years. Sure, the first clone job will take a day maybe but what's the problem? I can still work on the system. Incremental updates are done nightly...I sleep and CCC works. These updates usually takes 30-45 minutes. Sometimes less sometimes more...I'm still sleeping. I really don't see the issue. Maybe you're watching the backup job:-) That is boring, I agree.

I guess it's just personal preference, I prefer to have the backup finish so I can disconnect the drive completely and put it away in the safe. Shortening the backup time reduces the (admittedly low) chance that something might take out both the working drive and the backup while they're both hooked up. But I'm not going to say it's the One True Way.

CCC, ejects the drive after the backup so it's not up and running. Sure I could also disconnect it in the morning and put it in the safe. Not a big deal. The thing is that the computer does the job when I'm not there.

Another reason is that if it's a recovery situation I don't want to wait any longer than necessary to get a replacement drive into service. A day's delay vs a couple hours means a lot for a business.

The thing with a clone drive is that you can boot from it and continue working without any delay. No need to restore. Get a new drive, make it the new backup and continue working.

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