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Re: A couple of other reasons...

Messier Object wrote:

Hi George,

I'm intrigued by your second image of what appears to be a m4/3 camera on the end of the ZD300mm lens.

Is that in fact a ZD300mm ?  If so it has some interesting differences to mine.

It is the 300

- your hood has a much more textured surface, mine is much smoother (but still textured)

The lens is near three years old, but could have sat in stock for some time before I bought it.  I didn't know there were different hoods.  I guess we don't see these around every day.  In fact, I've never seen any one else's.  I thought I had the only one.

- the tripod mounting foot on yours seems to be about 2cm longer and has a different profile
Mine (bought Aug last year) looks to be the same as the one shown on the Oly USA web site.

The tripod foot is aftermarket.  It is fitted for Arca Swiss heads.  No secondary plate.  It is also a lower profile which helps it balance better on a gimbal head with a swing arm.

Is yours an older version ? I'm wondering whether Olympus has tweaked the design over the years.



That's my wife's E-PM1 hanging there for it's dear life by a thin plastic MMF-3.  Who says a pen isn't balanced on a big lens?  I like how small that camera is, and the kit 14-42 is quite sharp.  We bought the pen mini to have an in-her-purse or in-my-coat pocket camera with higher quality than our older compacts.  I just yesterday bought the MMF-3 because I will be expanding to u4/3.  I'll decide between the new pen coming or the E-PL5.  Tried out all my lenses on it, they all work.  The CDAF is very accurate but slow.  I'm exited that there will be even better bodies available soon.

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