Fuji X Porn: Post Pix of Your Pimped Out Fuji X Camera

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Re: Fuji X Porn: Post Pix of Your Pimped Out Fuji X Camera

alan brown wrote:

Sorry to intrude but I noticed the CV15 on your camera.  Does this lens have a magenta cast and smearing on the xe1 as it does on the nex 7?

Thanks, and back to your regular pimping.

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alan brown

No. I know what you are referring to but the sensor seems to be significantly better rearing magenta cast than other bodies, including some Leicas. There is small, managable amount of corner vignetting, which in generally very acceptable, at least i almost never had a reason to bother correcting it. A few people use Cornerfix software but i haven't bothered. More often than not the vignetting is not noticableat all, and smearing is not an issue either.

Botton line, the horroble magneta issue is not an issue with the X-trans sensor. It. Is one of those things that you. Need to be looking for to notice it. I had. Checked this out before getting one, especailly a thread by Fujidanny, a month or more ago. This lens is a great poor mans substitute for the Fuji 14mm, and with patience you an find a good Used on Ebay for under $400 without the optional viewfinder. There are two versions, same optical formula. The older version, which I have, is slightly smaller and focuses closer, the newer one Is rangefinder coupled and has a filter ring.

Corners show no obvious color cast

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