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Re: "bean counters" are working hard

skyglider wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

So, they may have decided "to heck with the users", and are focusing on making more money from app sales, even if Windows sales decline because fewer buyers will want to use it.

If that scenario happens, MS will die a slow death.

I think they're doomed to die a slow death anyway, because there's a sea change towards mobile computing and MS's offerings in that space are very poor.   Few apps are available for MS's mobile interface, and their traditional desktop apps aren't designed for small screens.   Even if they were, mobile devices are primarily content consuming devices, not content producing devices - so MS's strengths with products like Office are not a big advantage.

My expectation is that over time desktop computers, and Microsoft with them, are going to become a niche market primarily for content producers - much like the way mainframe computers became a very narrow niche market for very large businesses.

IBM used to be the biggest and best-known computer company in the world.   They weren't agile enough to adapt to desktop computing and now the generation of mobile users has never even heard of them.  The only people who actually care about IBM are IT technologists who work for the very largest businesses.  I see Microsoft suffering a similar fate over the coming years.

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