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Re: "bean counters" are working hard

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Yep... Given what appears to be a very "hard line" approach to force the new style on users, I suspect that the "bean counters" have been hard at work.

For example, figuring out what impact reduced sales of Windows will have because many users are going to hate it and refuse to upgrade to it (and/or switch to an alternative Operating System), versus increased revenue from software sales (since *all* apps designed for the new style UI will need to be purchased from Microsoft, where they'll make a profit on competitors applications, too).

So, they may have decided "to heck with the users", and are focusing on making more money from app sales, even if Windows sales decline because fewer buyers will want to use it.

If that scenario happens, MS will die a slow death.  The reason why so many applications are written to run on Windows is because of the huge installed base of the Windows OS.  Small base of Windows OS equals small incentive to write software for Win9 and up.  Windows users will move to Apple or Linux.

I know I'll move to Linux if the scenario you described happens.  Hmmm, maybe I should buy some Apple stocks...


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