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Re: B-b-b-b-banding!!!

Kelly M Jones wrote:

AngryCorgi wrote:

BradM73 wrote:

Yea, and who doesn't expect crap-tastic results when pushing exposure that high??? Hell, I get banding in the D7000 when I push the EV so high, and probably by old D70 too. I think people need to relax a bit. So far in all my real world tests with the D7000 and even real world shooting, I've yet to see any banding in properly exposed photos on the D7000.

Yeah, I read ya. I posted this more because I think its hilariously ridiculous that this gent tries a 12EV push. Who does that?? I get the 3-4EV pushes, but 12EV??? That's nutty!!

To be fair, I don't think he expected a 12EV push to be good, he just seems curious and thorough.

Some might say he needs a hobby, too much free time on his hands...oh wait. 

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