NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

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Re: NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

SimonOL wrote:

cptrios wrote:

I don't really get all the ire about DPR's review. They seem to be pretty objective about it and there isn't much in there to disagree over. Plus, since when is a Silver "bad?" It's not like they panned the's still a positive review.

The NEX-6 is great for people who liked the 5n but want a viewfinder. Any disappointment is probably more from the crowd who wanted a 7 with the 5n's sensor. Totally different groups, the latter of which was never likely to get much love from Sony.

Couldn't agree more - seems like an objective review to me, and a good score at the end for the 6.

The first couple of posts were enjoyable with their irony but...

For anyone who already owns a 6, does it really matter what the review says if you are happy with your camera and it does everything you want it to do? Nothing has changed because just because a score isn't as high as you expected It's still a great camera.

Reading endless comparisons between models seems like a road to unhappiness. Just enjoy the camera for what it is and go and take some photos.


Thats the point of the post. It's a long awaited review that for those who own the camera can make light of the petty things the review sights. We know the 6 and how enjoyable it is to use, yes, there are some things Sony could improve on but 90% of use don't care. The review is disappointing to those who waited for a dpreview review to decide whether to buy it. A few replies so far seem to be disappointed with the 6 and they don't own it or have used it. They will go with the 7 instead, that's fine or they may go with the OM-D 5, for which the 2 point spread means a great deal. I have two oly's and frankly the 6  is my choice. The buyer will throw out all the user reviews and instead go with the "official" review. Thankfully the review was late in writing or I'd be shooting with the 7 and what would be wrong with that? Knowing how sensitive buyers are will turn many of them off to the 6, when in fact it quite possibly just what they were looking for. Just like the 7 owners, I'm happier than a flea on a Shih Tzu that the 6 will not be upgraded tomorrow. Makes me feel I spent my money well.

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