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"bean counters" are working hard

Simon Garrett wrote:

There have been a lot of articles in similar vein the last few days, and I agree with your views, Jim.

It may well be in Microsoft's interests to try to force the new/metro UI on users and developers (so they can make money on every app), but I doubt it's in users' interests.

Yep... Given what appears to be a very "hard line" approach to force the new style on users, I suspect that the "bean counters" have been hard at work.

For example, figuring out what impact reduced sales of Windows will have because many users are going to hate it and refuse to upgrade to it (and/or switch to an alternative Operating System), versus increased revenue from software sales (since *all* apps designed for the new style UI will need to be purchased from Microsoft, where they'll make a profit on competitors applications, too).

So, they may have decided "to heck with the users", and are focusing on making more money from app sales, even if Windows sales decline because fewer buyers will want to use it.

If they don't want a desktop operating system, fine - make it open source, and let others develop it.

Yea.. that will never happen.

But, there are tons of nice open source linux distros available now, and most provide everything a typical desktop user needs.

I have Windows 7 and Linux distros installed on my computers, and I rarely need to use Windows for anything. Basically, you can get a nice desktop UI, with all of the software most users need with a mouse click or two (including Firefox or Chrome for Web Browsing, tons of nice media playback tools like VLC; video editors like OpenShot and Kdenlive, Office Suites like LibreOffice, mail clients like Thunderbird, etc. You can also find nice commercial apps like Corel AfterShot Pro for Image Management and RAW conversion (and there are lots of free alternatives, too).

Basically, most users would be fine with available Open Source alternatives to Windows; and I suspect that if Microsoft goes through with the changes to Windows we're hearing about in articles about Windows Blue; that more and more users are going to move away from Windows as time passes.

Microsoft "bean counters" are probably just figuring that they'll make up for that in profits from application sales via Microsoft's online stores for the users that remain with Windows. That wouldn't surprise me at all -- that Microsoft is taking a "hard line" towards forcing users into the new style (formerly known as Metro) interface so that they'll make more money from application sales (since all apps designed to work with the new UI will need to come from Microsoft's stores versus other sources), even if they end up losing revenue on Windows sales.

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