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Re: My thread has been moved to the panasonic forum!

Three years ago when I first started to read DPreview and peruse the Leica forum, I noticed that a few multi brand gear (including Leica) photographers would post their non-Leica gear images in the appropriate, gear related brand forums. To me it felt like respect for the Leica forum even though there surely would not have been an objection to the same non-Leica gear images being posted on the Leica forum by those photographers.

What attracted me to the Leica forum was in part the quality of, and civility of discourse, but frankly also the chance to view images made with Leica gear. There is, I believe, a Leica "look" and it is a pleasure to see images (almost any, really) made with Leica lenses. I do believe the discussions of the differences of say, various iterations of the Summilux 50, are fewer now than just three years ago.

Still, I can't remember objections to Dov posting his images nor for that matter anyone's else non-Leica images. I'm not clear on what the "Leica ethos" is but as this issue is ongoing, I would say there is no monolithic agreement on who is welcome or not. To further muddy this discussion, I've seen a bit of attitude towards Leica owners who are not as accomplished photographically as others. Personally I think the fears of a flood of non-Leica gear folk posting is premature, but I would love to read more about the differences of those Summilux 50s.


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