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Re: Yes, what's a shot?

Good question.  Apples and oranges comparing digital to film, except perhaps for pros.

I do lots of shooting at high ISO's.   I would have many clicks, or keepers as compared to film.  With film I'd have zero since I didn't have ISO 3200 film, or at least nothing close that I cared for.

Because of the cost of film, I'd take one or two shots with my old Sigma 400F5.6, often wide open, and I'd almost always be terribly disappointed.   With my current cameras, I often do a 3-shot burst and pick out the sharpest of the three and toss the others.   Because I can shoot at higher ISO's, I can both stop down and raise shutter speed.   And get better results.  DO I count the clicks?  Or the keepers?

Doesn't matter.   The handwriting was on the wall on 2006 when I took my first trip to Alaska with both D70s and N90s.   I took about 3000 shots with the D70s.  I took several rolls of film with the N90s.  Some of those rolls are STILL sitting undeveloped in the fridge.

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