Excellent Dlux-6/LX7 review by Ming Thein

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Re: time to upgrade

Luc de Schepper wrote:

in_focus wrote:

James Pilcher wrote:

in_focus wrote:

Thanks for a link, Luc.. tempting camera, but for time being I'm happy with my LX5


Did you not get the memo? All LX3 and LX5 cameras will stop working on June 1, 2013. You'll be forced to upgrade then, so why not do it now???

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

LMBO... thank you for warning, Jim - already sharpening my Seppuku blade (getting ready for the Doomsday.. )

Sorry for messing around your thread, Luc .. had to reply to Jim ..

Best regards,

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No problem at all, Bruno. Actually, it's not June 1, it's April 1 your LX5 stops working

Thanks, Luc.. April 1st is a fair option, I'm accepting it, LOLĀ  ..

Kind regards,

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