Warning. Honest.

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Re: Warning. Honest.

My method is not too sophisticated but I think is fairly fail-safe.

1) I do not store any pictures on the local hard drive but directly to a Windows Home Server ( which is like a NAS ). I have 2 2TB drives attached there. It has an option where you can have a file stored on the server automatically duplicated on separate physical drives.

2) I backup the entire home server to crashplan automatically at a very good frequency. For me crashplan has 2 features that any online backup service could not at the time beat  : 1) It is VERY reasonable. 2) It lets you choose your own encryption key locally so your data is completely secure in the cloud. You just have to make sure the key is not lost.

3) I use an external drive (that I usually keep in my office) that I backup my pictures to maybe every month of two.

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