5D M3 vs D800E, and the billionth question.

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Re: 5D M3 vs D800E, and the billionth question.

schmegg wrote:

Bamboojled wrote:

The bottom line is this...

If you are looking for the best image quality bar none, the D800E is your only choice.

Dynamic range, resolution, shadow detail, micro contrast, crop-ablility, tonal gradation.

Has the D800 had some issues, yes. Have all cameras been affected, absolutely not!

Mine is perfect.

Do the new cameras have this issue, my understanding is no. Does Nikon have a fix, my understanding is yes. These are taken not from my own experience as I mentioned that mine is perfect. But from posts from the Nikon side, where many state that Nikon has corrected their issues.

I'm sure the OP is getting plenty of feedback from Nikon shooters in the relevant forum.

The Canon 5DIII is a fantastic camera and I am sure you will be happy with it, if this is the camera you choose. However if you are looking for the highest quality image the D800E will always come up on top.

I think the OP is very wisely considering much more than IQ in his decision - especially so considering the IQ of both these options!

Canon has made some nice improvements to the 5DIII, However image quality is not one of them. The camera has not really improved over the 5DII in resolution, shadow detail, dynamic range or micro contrast. You still get banding in the shadow are when pulling up the shadows.

This is wrong. The IQ has certainly improved at higher ISO and in the shadows. You seem to be speaking with authority about something you clearly have little experience with here.

I would rent both for at least a week, and get the full feel of the cameras, along with post processing your images before I make a decision on either.

Out of interest - did you do this?

Schmegg...what's with the hostile tone of your reply???? As mentioned in another post I shoot Canon (and have for 15 years), but there is no denying the D800E sensor is better than what the 5D3 can put out. The two things I care about most in a sensor (dynamic range/resolution) are both better on the D800E...plus the added bonus of reduced negative effects from an AA filter.

The 5D3 is an AWESOME camera (although it is basicallly what the 5D2 SHOULD have been), but as Bamboojled stated above if image quality is your deciding factor than the D800E wins. Yes, you can than talk about lens quality but the bottom line is noth Canon/Nikon have excellent lenses that may be equal/better than the other depending on the focal length you want.

Don't be such a fanboi...offer some unbiased advice!

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