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Yep -- Windows is a dead/dying OS

NorCor wrote:

Window8 BLUE, article METRO to stay with improvements

Yep.. I read through a number of articles about the leaked "Windows Blue" OS earlier today; and from most indications, it looks like Windows as we know it is going to be totally dead soon, where Windows users are going to be forced into using the new style (formerly known as Metro) UI, with the traditional style desktop being removed in future versions.

Here's one of the articles I read through.

I really don't think Microsoft has a clue what they're doing; as I think we'll see more and more users becoming alienated and bitter towards the changes Microsoft is making to the UI over time; probably switching to other Operating Systems versus putting up with the UI changes Microsoft is trying to force on users.

IOW, I can see users of older Windows Operating Systems preferring Mac OS X, Linux, or even Chrome instead of Windows Blue from what it looks like Microsoft is going to do with it. Basically, most any other UI is going to be preferred by users that want a more traditional UI for use on a typical desktop with a larger display.

Many developers are going to hate it, too (since they'll have to sell their software via Microsoft's online stores with Microsoft getting a "cut" of their profits, since users won't be able to install new style apps from other sources)

But, only time will tell how Microsoft's strategy will pan out. Personally, I think they've lost their mind, and the changes will just make more users hate them. We'll have to wait and see how their changes will impact things.

In any event, I think it's way past time for Steve Ballmer to step down, as it seem very obvious to me that better leadership is needed to keep Microsoft from going rapidly downhill (as it looks like they're headed in the wrong direction now from what I can tell).

A separate OS that's optimized for Mobile devices is one thing.  But, trying to force that type of User Interface on Desktop users is something else entirely.

Apple is smart enough to realize that more than one Operating System is needed, so that the UI is optimized for specific device types (OS X for laptops and desktops; IOS for tablets and phones).   Even Google realizes that (Chrome OS for notebooks, Android for phones).

But, apparently, Microsoft thinks that a "jack of all trades and master at none) solution is going to work for them. Yea, right.  They're barking up the wrong tree, especially if they really go through with removing desktop compatibility with future releases, as some of the articles about Windows Blue imply.

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