Warning. Honest.

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I now have a Time Capsule. 2 TB. The Macs are backing something up (???) constantly, I think. Honestly, I've gotten some error messages. What I see is a folder on that drive that's called DATA. Do I see my folders and images and all my other stuff in there? Hell no. Just two appropriately named 'sparsebundles'. It would be great if I could just see and access all that data in the same folder structure as it exists on the computers, but whatever. The files are large and apparently contain all of my images.

Fingers are crossed. That's a large part of my backup plan. Fingers crossed.

You can access the data like this if you want - the 'sparsebundles' mount just like normal disk images (double click them). Then you can navigate down to date&time labeled folders containing the data on you drive at that particular time. (In practice, most of the 'files' in these folders are hardlinks to the most recently changed actual version of the file - but they act just like normal files for the most part).

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