Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

papillon_65 wrote:

String wrote:

Not in the least to be honest for a variety of reasons.

Sure, you can put together a "fairly" light kit using any DSLR however you much more versatility with m43. I don't want to lug a big body, lens and tripod around anymore. Ever.

The most versatile kit you can use is a decent bridge camera but that kind of talk can get you shot around here

Now if I was shooting all day in a studio, it might be a differnt answer but I'm not so enough said.

I really hate how the current higher end DSLR's seem to have forgot their roots and just keep getting bigger and heavier. I loved the original OM series and Olympus has gotten back to its roots; they made photography fun again (at least for me!) with a small and very capable system.

Now with all that being said, what does tempt me is buying into a Leica rangefinder system.

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For the person who is good with a hammer, everything in life tends to look like a nail.....

No problem Tony, I have so many bullet holes in me a few more wont hurt!  

My biggest issue with going back to FF is age... too many birthdays! Not to mention my chiropractic bill is almost as much as my kids university bill!

And... all the last vacations I've been on the only people I see carrying the "big" DSLR's are the complete middle aged geeks/nerds... I am NOT a geek (my wife would argue that point!).

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