D800 and E-M5, can you tell the difference?

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good post

Honestly for this sort of shooting, ie: studio lighting at low ISO's with a small aperture, pretty much any semi-decent camera will do. Hell you could probably take an awesome photo with an Iphone with this sort of setup. So the differences between these two cameras aren't really going to be that apparent.

Very knowledgeable post, and correct. Controlled situations like this with close subjects, studio lighting, low ISOs, ideal apertures, tripod, etc., really make most any camera shine. My original Canon 10D when I started moving from 120 film to digital could make wonderful images under these conditions that would probably look similar to these. You can't look at my website, or even 12x18 images on my wall shot with it, or the Fuji S5 Pro that followed it and not tell they weren't from my D800. That said, try ISO 1600 in low natural light with a half a stop of unintended under exposure with the old 10D and suddenly things are a VERY different picture, so to speak.

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