Sony Zeiss 24mm - What is so special?

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Re: Sony Zeiss 24mm - What is so special?

I used the Zeiss 24 on the NEX 7 when it first came out. At the time the Zeiss 24mm was the only good lens for the camera it seem. I bought the lens and it was my only lens for a while and I like it a lot, sharp images and very nice contrast and fast to focus (in good light). At $999 when I bought it, my wallet was hurting for a while.

Would I buy this lens again? No, especially now at $100 more. I'm very happy that there's more lenses to choose from now and I would not spend so much on a prime lens anymore. If the Sony 35mm f1.8 lens had came out at the same time, I would have gotten that over the 24. The 24 is a great lens but I feel it's too overpriced.

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