Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Re: Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

Shotcents wrote:

JakeB wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

JakeB wrote:

Thought it was a professional test.

Nope, just one more punter with an opinion.

Actually, an opinion would be my position if I had no samples to substantiate my view.

Professional reviews are fun and a good way to START a search for new gear, but actually using a lens or camera or lens is the only way to know if it will meet your needs and criteria.



What DOESN'T tell you anything is some punter posting a couple of close-up photos, then reposting those same photos every time someone challenges his claims.

"Finally... Tamron beats Nikon" and a couple of pics.

Thanks for the thorough testing at a full range of apertures, focal lengths, and subject distances; really helpful.

Please include your name in future thread titles so I'll know to ignore.

You seem like a angry guy!

I posted photos at various focal lengths, at close ranges and then far. You can find those shots easily. I generally shot wide open. I'm not sure if people want to see the lens stopped down.

There's nothing different from my samples from the many posted by others, except I tend to shoot people more than charts and box labels, but if you want to see such comparisons...

I just don't think shots like this, which I did initially when performing a AF tune for the Tamron, is the best way to judge a lens. I'd much rather see a good sharp headshot to see how a lens renders.


You are an absolute joke! On one hand you tell people not pay attention to review sites because you have to test a lens yourself to see if it meets your needs. Yet you don't heed your own advice, but give your review as if you are now the reviewer everybody should listen to. You can take your samples and shove them up your ars because just as you say, they don't have any more merit then the reviews sites you ostracize.

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