Warning. Honest.

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Re: Warning. Honest.

Steve Bingham wrote:

For whatever reason many photography users store their photos on their computer. Maybe 99.99%.

The problem is, far too few back up their files (photographs). This is a disaster waiting to happen. I use software by Acronis and back up my work every week - automatically - to an external hard drive. Using the cloud is another alternative - and some use both.

Two days ago my data hard drive crashed - big time!!!! Thousands of priceless photographs (to me, anyway) were wiped out. Thousands of hours of hard labor (editing and PP) possibly lost . . . but for my backup.

So I bought a new HD and simply transferred by backup files. One click and off to dinner!

Take head folks. Hard drives will fail sometime - all hard drives. CD's fail in time also. Usually by bits and pieces - even the "gold" ones.

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Steve Bingham

Um. Okay. Here's one.

I switched to Macs last year. I'd backed up pictures to a number of external hard drives as I'd been doing for years. But I came to depend on the last largest fairly new 3 TB drive as the fall-back storage as I made the transfers to the new Mac Mini and MacBook Air. This is all over the course of many months. Somehow, the drive became unreadable, undetectable, even from my old PC and two different Windows laptops. And the Macs won't even boot up with that drive attached.

It has EVERYTHING on it. I have older drives, they undoubtedly have a lot of images and other stuff on them, but only this drive contained the last couple years of images, because, thinking that I was going to be getting rid of my old PC, I had deleted most of the images, which were the newer images, from the PC. It's really hard to jump back and forth from the old PC to the new Mac, etc. Like not happening hard. Because the PC became almost inoperable because of a Trojan, yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

It's been a while since I even thought about tackling this problem but my recollection is that the Mac changed the data structure or something like that on the what had been a Windows drive. And switching that drive back and forth from the Macs to the PC as I tried to collect all my images into one place was how the problem happened.

And yeah, I've lost years of images in the past because I didn't back up. But you can have problems even when you do, is my point.

I now have a Time Capsule. 2 TB. The Macs are backing something up (???) constantly, I think. Honestly, I've gotten some error messages. What I see is a folder on that drive that's called DATA. Do I see my folders and images and all my other stuff in there? Hell no. Just two appropriately named 'sparsebundles'. It would be great if I could just see and access all that data in the same folder structure as it exists on the computers, but whatever. The files are large and apparently contain all of my images.

Fingers are crossed. That's a large part of my backup plan. Fingers crossed.

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