Unfair practices by manufacturers -re pricing on products

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Re: Agreed!

Answell wrote:

If you buy in the US, I believe that the 1 year warranty applies on most of the top end stores like B&H Adorama etc.

Although warranty is important , I have never ever worried about it. Maybe I am a luck guy, but I have never ever had a problem with any camera that I have owned. I treat my camera body just as good as my expensive lens, and do not expose it to the elements unnecessarily . Anyway, coming back to the difference in prices..it is not only Sony. Nikon, Canon, in fact all of the manufacturers do the same, and a difference of $400 between the price of the A77 in the US Vs Canada is just out of the question. Add another 13% for taxes compared to 6 or 7% in the US, and you can really see the difference. I just sold my A65, and will wait until the next time I go to the US to buy a A77, or wait until I can find one that is used at a good price. Yes, I will never be afraid to buy used, as long as I buy from someone reputable, even on ebay.

You could try to move to the US.  Of course they pay less taxes.  But I had over 100 doctor visits 2 years ago, and even now see one every other week.  I just had a 2 hour test with 3 people in the room, and the results on DVD, which I can have.  Now of course this would cost a whole lot down there.  I am in the hospital so often I don't even get asked for a card or id.  They only ask my date of birth.

I had 7 CT scans.  In the US it's 1000 a pop.  I just don't have that kind of cash to dole out.

I don't know the cost of 35 radiation treatments and 3 all day chemos.  I bet it's a pretty penny.  A friend of mine in the US says he and his wife have decided that if they get cancer, NOT to get any treatment, it would leave the other destitute and without a home.

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