10mm prime vs 10-30mm zoom: Size comparison.

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Re: Lens evaluations are best done with a chart....

I agree with you that RonFrank is over the top.

You have indeed A bad copy As I say before.

Some people just can,t stand it ,if you say something bad over there  Gear.

But I am not one of them.

When your new lens arrive,you will see the 10Mm is a good lens.

and at its best between F2.8 and F/4 F5.6

I shot some samples at F/7 and F/11 but then the left side get blurring.

and the middle of the picture get fuzie

I look forward to your pictures.

happy shooting.

Identity wrote:

RonFrank wrote:

Shooting a landscape where the front corners are likely a couple feet from the camera position, the right corner is blue sky and the left corner is tree branches is really iffy on where focus occurred, the focal length, etc. This is best evaluated with a chart.

The number of 'Bad Copies' maybe directly proportionate to the number of idiots out there!

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I don't usually photograph charts. I prefer people, landscapes, and such, and it's in those real-world photos that I look for sharpness.

Are you implying that I'm an idiot for claiming that my 10mm seems to be a bad copy? For the photo I posted, I shot the same scene, with the same focus point, with the 10mm and 10-30mm lenses. I'm aware that the front corners are close to the camera and that the top right corner is sky. In this particular comparison, the 10-30mm lens is much sharper along the entire top edge of the scene, not just the corners. The detail in the pine tree is completely lost toward the top of the frame in the 10mm shot. It's a perfectly valid comparison.

I also did a dozen back-to-back test shots of various other scenes with the 10mm and 10-30mm lenses, indoors and out, at a variety of focal distances. In all of them, the top edge (extending up to 1/4 of the way down the photo) of every photo I've taken with the 10mm lens is quite soft, much softer than the 10-30mm. There is no way that the 10mm lens, stopped down to f3.5, should be substantially softer than the 10-30mm. On top of that, I also borrowed a family member's 10mm lens and lo and behold, it has none of the softness that mine has. It's clearly visible when viewed at 100%.

I'm quite confident I had a bad copy of the 10mm lens. These crops are from the top edge (not corner, where I'd expect a bit less sharpness).

10-30mm 100% crop

10mm 100% crop

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