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Re: Many thanks to Golly, Bowie, and Tex -- very illuminating!

Hen3ry wrote:

I have to (shamefacedly) admit that Golly's post left me floundering.

No shame! It's just complicated enough to require some concentration, close focus and clear thinking. Not one of those subjects most can listen two with 20% of their attention and be certain they've understood it, afterwards. I've seen it trip up guys who appear to have engineer or research-level knowledge of the important topics.

Now that Bowie has interpreted it and Tex polished it a little, I grok it. Thanks to you both.

Glad it helped. I hesitate to say much about it in case I mess something up. I'm still learning and internalizing it all, too

In fact, it is right on the money of what I have been thinking about and doing more and more of with my E-PL3 -- paying a lot of attention to the histogram and to getting the highlights up to the right end since the E-PL3 doesn’t take kindly at all to under exposure (and is pretty desperate at 800 ISO in my view -- not that that worries me at all).

I can then mess with the histogram (or even -- extreme, edgy stuff -- the curves!!!) in PP to darken the pic a bit or whatever.

It will be interesting to hear how this works for you. Would you plan on shooting RAW then and applying the curves to the RAW? Or still going with JPEG only?

Something my focus on the highlights has made me more conscious of is which highlights I might be clipping. Do they matter?

This is one thing I love about the live view blinkies on the E-M5 (and I guess the other two newest Olympus models). They'll tell you which highlights are in danger of clipping, and you can decide whether you're worried about them or not.

From time to time I had been disappointed by results in "correctly" exposed pix where preserving the highlights had pushed more important stuff into nether world of Oly 12 MPX JPEG shadows.

This could help you out here, especially combined with live-view blinkies that show you which highlights are about to get creamed.

I have now learned to scan the pic for highlights and shadows -- and on occasion, to let those highlights blow so important matter is lifted out of the shadows into the mid tones.

Thanks again all three -- I see more clearly now (but I will continue in JPEG where possible!)

Glad my restatement was clear, and I also hope it passes muster with those who're way more informed than I.

Have fun, and let us know how it works out for you!


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