E-PL5 - mildly unimpressed other than IQ (very good)

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Guy Parsons
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Donovan Driver wrote:

I felt disappointed when I first got the epl5 as a second body to my em5. I mean it's pretty obvious that one camera has all the bells and whistles and one doesn't.

Well the E-M5 has the buttons and dials, but the E-PL5 has more features that are very useful.

I think most of my initial dismay was being generated by the lcd’s default being set on vivid. Once that was fixed, I slapped on the 25mm and put the em5 down for about a week. After that I found the epl5 to be a pretty awesome camera.

Luckily I knew about the vivid LCD and the keep warm option so turned those both off out of the box.

I have compared a friend's E-M5 to my E-PL5 and way prefer the E-PL5 as I never use viewfinders much at all. But that's just me, grew up on E-PL1 so button pushing suits me.

Regards...... Guy

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