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Re: My thread has been moved to the panasonic forum!

It has been a tradition in this forum for years ( and we have been proud of it ) to be open to guests. We always said what most matters for us is the "Photo" not the gear!... Leica "tradition" is not the kind of camera you use, but what you do with it and the type of photo you make!

People are always coming to this forum to see shots and very rarely discuss "gear", unless, of course, there is something new and unless some need information from more experienced shooters. Leica forum has always been considered as an exception in DPR and it should remain as such!

I hope what Dov is suggesting is only an unfortunate mistake. If this is really the case and this is what we should expect in the future, then we loose many good contributors and this is extremely sad! We are here to learn and to improve ourselves, therefore excluding people is absolutely unacceptable for a big majority of us!

If this is having a "moderator"; then, we do NOT want a moderator and let us live as we always did!

I hope DPR is listening!... This would be again another sad and pathetic change!

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