DP1 Merrill / DP2 Merrill / DP3 Merill - what are the differences

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Re: DP1 Merrill / DP2 Merrill / DP3 Merill - what are the differences

NancyP wrote:

Nice cameras you have, hexx - why are you buying a Sigma in addition to the existing cameras? In other words, what situations do you most want the Foveon sensor to handle? What focal length do you use for those situations? One thing that is interesting about having the Sigma DP2M fixed-lens camera is that it (and DP1M, DP3M) uses a leaf shutter and is really quiet. You can add a "shutter" sound if you like, but if you want to be unobtrusive, these are unobtrusive cameras.

I was heavy user of X100 but since I got X-Pro1 I didn't use it much. I was thinking at first about replacing it with X100S but then it was the same X-Trans sensor so images would be of the same quality and 'look' to them. And then I've read somewhere about these little Sigma cameras and they are completely different to Fuji ones in what they're for and what they produce. I bought only Leica 3 weeks ago, it was a very good deal and this is probably the only chance I could experience what all that 'Leica magic' is all about so I got it with few rolls of film - it's fun

I'd use Sigma for landscapes and probably portraits, subjects where this sensor and lens could really shine.

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