Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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I wouldn't bet that it will never happen

Future user wrote:

Aside from costs, I doubt many users are undecided between FF vs M4/3. They're worlds apart. Unless FF will go mirrorless and *both* the bodies and lenses are the same size and weight as M4/3, which will never happen,

FF? I see it as the new medium format.

Have a look at a Sony A99. Almost a mirrorless. Certainly very small and light for a ff ILC. But with regular sized lens.

Then look at the Sony RX1. FF and incredibly small and obviously using some very closely consulted jointly developed lens design wizardy between Sony and Zeiss to make it possible.

Then look at a Nex9. No, neither of us can, it isn't out yet but there is plenty of buzz trying to guess. We know it will be a ff Nex with interchangeable lenses. Lots of speculation around whether it will require new lenses or be able to use existing Nex and Alpha ff (some think it will also be able to use existing Nex lenses on same mount, some think not?? Sony have patented a curved sensor which just might be a new way to keep flange distances short for big sensors and overcome the edge problems?? Who knows??

But I wouldn't put too much money on the bet that it wont happen. I also think we are going to see smaller lenses in general as software correction gets better.

And if the reported views of Panasonic (discussed in this forum at some length recently) Pana might have similar ideas.

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