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Re: Epson 3880

"Has anyone noticed that the original poster, ianmoodya, ranting about his situation has not yet responded to any the postings placed here for his aid?"

My bad.

Each and every one of your responses has been greatly appreciated - I've just had several unusually busy weeks of family stuff that has soaked up every waking minute.  Let's see... new car insurance, sorting out MOT, organising family holiday to France in two days, visit to the doctors, five different sets of children's clubs for each child.......

Yadda yadda excuses excuses

I don't have time right now (see, more excuses), but when I'm back from France I'll post a follow up with the steps we've taken to help mitigate things and whether they helped.  (I know for a fact that it slipped back to photo ink once tonight, in the middle of a run of almost identical prints.)

Thanks again,

(if we survive four nights at Disneyland Paris, that is)

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