Another Silly Camera from Hasselblad!

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Re: Another Silly Camera from Hasselblad!

Lets face it Hasselblad are looking for customers other than Photographic professionals for sales these days

Clearly this is a trophy camera for those rich and "discerning" enough, i suspect these will sell too a few Rich Germans in Asia and the Middle East  "there's gold in them thar hills" if I were Hassleblad i would be doing the same, With one caveat, to be credible in that Market you have to be credible with serious pro's as well. Hassleblad are looking at Leica, who although always playing catch up for absolute image quality, mange to woo serious photographers with there so very expensive M series, as well as lets call them collectors with special editions for an even higher premium.

However Ferrari are terrible with there brand and plaster it anything from Laptops to alarm clocks, it seems more  motivated by the desire of the marketing department to get some  free stuff to share around the office, no doubt the prospect of some gratis €20,000 cameras was to much.

So In this case I agree with the OP other than on a sports car or a racing drivers baseball cap with a F! racing driver underneath it, the Ferrari branding lacks any class.

What wrong with the traditional tactic of sending them to the moon? it impressed me as a school boy.

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