I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...


Looking back at my digital progression, it just really strikes me how much better these cameras have gotten. If you don't think so, you may not have 4 generations of them sitting around, able to pick up any and use them for whatever shooting you do. Each new generation has given me the flexibility to shoot whatever I did before, but expands the boundaries of photography by pushing back limitations I've bumped up against.

I would take a slight exception to this. I think it was a mistake to completely dump CCD sensors in favor of CMOS. All this is of course driven by the need to push the ISO tolerance further with each new generation. On the other hand, those old D200 vintage CCD sensors were really nice for beautiful color rendering of all things natural at low ISO. They also were much less prone to blowing out the red channel which can easily happen shooting nature. As I see it, while many other things improved, color transmission has gone downhill with each consecutive generation of Nikon DX cameras. D200 was better than D300 and D300 better than D7000 (don't know about D7100 yet). D7000 tried to circumvent the red channel problem by leaning heavily on orange, -- the result is not pretty at all IMO. I don't have familiarity with FX beyond D700 and D3s, so can't comment on how the present generation compares to the previous one, but if DX is any indicator I would expect the same. No intent to hurt anyone's feelings here, I appreciate that you may not see it the same way. So, just expressing my honest opinion.

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