Unfair practices by manufacturers -re pricing on products

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Re: Agreed!

If you buy in the US, I believe that the 1 year warranty applies on most of the top end stores like B&H Adorama etc.

Although warranty is important , I have never ever worried about it. Maybe I am a luck guy, but I have never ever had a problem with any camera that I have owned. I treat my camera body just as good as my expensive lens, and do not expose it to the elements unnecessarily . Anyway, coming back to the difference in prices..it is not only Sony.  Nikon, Canon, in fact all of the manufacturers do the same, and a difference of $400 between the price of the A77 in the US Vs Canada is just out of the question. Add another 13% for taxes compared to 6 or 7% in the US, and you can really see the difference. I just sold my A65, and will wait until the next time I go to the US to buy a A77, or wait until I can find one that is used at a good price. Yes, I will never be afraid to buy used, as long as I buy from someone reputable, even on ebay.

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