The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

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Joel Stern
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Re: So now that I am thoroughly confused

aleS. wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

I have neither one yet, which is better

This discussion really puts a bunch of confusing information that is probably subjective out here for us to ponder.

The X100s is better. I like the pictures of the X100 though. Is it clear?

Well......I know the S is a better camera due to improvements, I guess I was not clear, thanks for helping me on that, I guess I want to know which is going to have the best IQ (subjective), which will be most filmlike (if that is truly really going to happen), which will have the most honest colors and which will be easiest to use both RAW (which is my preference mostly) and jpeg? Wow, you did drag that out of me

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