What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Many thanks to Golly, Bowie, and Tex -- very illuminating!

I have to (shamefacedly) admit that Golly's post left me floundering. About a quarter of the way through, I staggered to halt, blamed it all on the fact that he was talking ab out RAW when I am a JPEG shooter, and went outside to take a picture -- a nice simple one with lots of light around!

My apologies, Golly, I should have tried harder.

Now that Bowie has interpreted it and Tex polished it a little, I grok it. Thanks to you both.

In fact, it is right on the money of what I have been thinking about and doing more and more of with my E-PL3 -- paying a lot of attention to the histogram and to getting the highlights up to the right end since the E-PL3 doesn’t take kindly at all to under exposure (and is pretty desperate at 800 ISO in my view -- not that that worries me at all).

I can then mess with the histogram (or even -- extreme, edgy stuff -- the curves!!!) in PP to darken the pic a bit or whatever.

Something my focus on the highlights has made me more conscious of is which highlights I might be clipping. Do they matter? From time to time I had been disappointed by results in "correctly" exposed pix where preserving the highlights had pushed more important stuff into nether world of Oly 12 MPX JPEG shadows.

I have now learned to scan the pic for highlights and shadows -- and on occasion, to let those highlights blow so important matter is lifted out of the shadows into the mid tones.

Thanks again all three -- I see more clearly now (but I will continue in JPEG where possible!)

Cheers, geoff

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