300mm Telephoto Lens and Boudoire Photography, am I missing something? Locked

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To make this thread go to 150 fast...

En Trance wrote:

And there is a lot of rice in China. But to the question, " is Light intensity greater at shorter distances or not"?

Reading your post from a great distance, like 10 meters is easily bearable. Now I try to read from my minimum focusing distance (15 cm with glasses) and it is so bright is just burns the cells in my eyes. The pain, the pain.... arrgh. I seem to be a masochist as now I read you text from 1cm with help of a loop - the pain of the brightness is simple unbelievable as you text is now over 1000 times brighter than it appeared to be from 10 meters.

I wonder how the macrophotopgraphers do it - the sensor much just fry when the go and shoot objects...

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