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Re: The lenses. Claims of colour differences...

HBowman wrote:

vbd70 wrote:

...haven't been substantiated by anyone besides the somehow excited reviewer on Luminous Landscape. When a new camera comes out, people is prone to see what they want to see rather than what is in fact there; it is possible that lens coating is different on the DP3, or that Sigma changed something in the FW of the DP3, but as far as the hardware there isn't any proof that - besides the lenses - anything has been changed between the DP1, DP2 and DP3 Merrill. Besides, the LL reviewer aside many other claims that there isn't any difference between the two camera's insides and processing.

I have reviewed the DP1 / DP2 HERE and will review the DP3 very soon (it should get in my hands Thursday). There is a poll on my blog about which high-end compact to review next, take a second to vote for your preferred camera HERE .



Are you conscious I'm the author of this report on Luminous Landscape and I'm here on this forum ??

Hello Hulyss, yes I am, so?

First, I did this report for sharing not to grab any money or traffic on my website. Secondly I'm not or was "excited" by the DP3m as I own many brands from the D800 to the Leica S2.

It seemed to me from the tone of your report that you were excited by the new DP3, and in fact very enthusiastic about it. This is a fact that I think every one can confirm just by reading your report which is HERE for those interested. I don't see how owning many brands of cameras has anything to do with being excited about the DP3, and I stand by my comment - you sounded very excited and enthusiast about the DP3 in your report. However, if you were not excited by the DP3 but horrified by it or neutral or unexcited or whatever, then I apologise for the misunderstanding. However, it seemed to me and it seems to me reading your report again that you were excited about it. By the way, this is not something you need to be ashamed about, so I really don't understand why you got all worked up by my remark of you being excited about the camera...

In fact, the DP3m do not render like the DP2m (I was one of the first possessor of this device in my country) and the SD1m.

Beside my report, who is not a review, some others objective users noticed this change on this thread :


It can be the lenses but I doubt just because of skin tones.

The one who say that skin tones out of the DP2m are good is just blind and never worked with any pro agency or professional models such as Elite or Ford or IMG.

But, skin tones out of the DP3m are just, without any pp. So, in my world, colour mode as changed. Vivid mode is usable in many situations also. This is not the case with the DP2m.

But you can continue the polemic to grab more ppl on your whatever blog or review ... I do not care. I'm happy with this tool, who is at a color justice level, better than the DP2m (I would have kept the DP2m other wise ...).

You should learn to read. I am not doing any polemics to grab anything, you are actually the one that started a polemic with your reply. I just said that to my knowledge, there is no proof that the internals of the DP3 Merrill are different from the DP1 & DP2. I also said that there might be differences in lens coating or FW that accounts for eventual differences in image quality. I finally said that while you claim that colours are different, many others claim that there isn't any difference in colour rendering between the DP1 / DP2 / DP3 - one is Diglloyd, which people might know around here, and whose website I recommend (even if it's a paying website). I finally said that I will have a DP3 by thursday if all goes well, and that I will review it as soon as possible.

I stand by all the above.

I frankly don't understand why you got your pants in a twist just because I quoted people that do not agree with your findings. I have nothing to gain either if the DP3's colours are the same or if they are different - actually, I do hope that Sigma improved colour rendition with the DP3, and I do hope that the hardware internals are the same - this would mean that they did it by FW, and therefore that we could get the same improvements via FW on the DP1 and DP2 as well.

Forums are surreal.

Forums are just empty boxes. People in them might be surreal at times...

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