Full-frame K-mount AF Ricoh MILC (GXR/module?)

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Re: Full-frame K-mount AF Ricoh MILC (GXR/module?)

If that Pentax FF actually arrives it is really about time. But also somewhat late as the coming years is not going to be very bright for dslrs in general as the mirrorless cameras with aps-c sensors gets better and better. At least Sony NEX and probably also Samsung is going to go FF sooner or later.

Pentax Could have been in for a second place or even first to introduce a 35mm Dslr with FF. First and second place went to Contax and Canon instead. Pentax is now last. Because Olympus is probably never going to go FF with their 4/3 dslrs.

Lack of AF lenses for the K-mount which can cover a FF sensor is hardly a valid excuse for have been waiting so long. There is enough of manual-focus lenses from Pentax themselve fully which could do some nice job in the short meantime until Pentax had FF-capable AF lenses ready. Had them begun earlier.

Well. Better late than never. I believe that idiotic Hoya which not had many good clues can have worked against the FF dslr earlier.

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