What Happened?

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Ed B
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Marco Nero wrote:

Ed B wrote:

What happened to the EOS M?

Never read much about it in these forums.

Months ago in 2012, we were promised THREE TIMES by the moderators and Admin of this forum that they were creating an EOS-M forum. Their excuse for taking so long to do so was that "they were busy but would get around to it." IT NEVER HAPPENED.

When people who owned EOS-M cameras posted comments pictures or questions in this forum, they were reminded that this is a PowerShot forum.

When people who owned EOS-M cameras posted comments pictures or questions in the DSLR forums, they were reminded that they were posting in a DSLR forum and that they should find some place else.

In a nutshell, and knowing that Canon are producing another EOS-M model for release this year with new lenses, DPreview should be utterly ashamed of themselves for not supporting the innovative camera that is the EOS-M.

I've managed to capture shots with the EOS-M that I'd have trouble with using a DSLR. It has an amazing new-tech touchscreen and is almost the same size as the TINY s95/s100. It has a full APS-C sensor and accepts any EF lens, EF-S lens and any EF-M lens. With SOME lenses (like the EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro) it can be slow because it will hunt through the focal range but with almost all other lenses it's speedy and effective. In low-light it can CREAM even the G1X.
Below are some shots taken with my own EOS-M. I've posted some of these previously because they're in my gallery but they do show why the EOS-M is so capable compared to a compact camera. Being so tiny, and being a non-DSLR, I can walk around in fairly difficult places (dangerous or camera-shy locations) without a care.

Sure, DPREVIEW will get around to creating a new forum when the next model hits the streets (and we know it's on the way) but SHAME ON THEM for offering forums to Nikon and Sony for mirrorless cameras but not Canon - and I'm told that they may actually be aware of this snub. Who cares, I'll just post questions or pictures here where it will continue to annoy people. My personal email was almost overwhelmed last month by people directing EOS-M questions to me and I was barely able to respond to them all.

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Marco Nero.

You did a great job with these pictures.

I have to admit that when I tried to find pictures and comments about the EOS M I was a little confused as to which forum would be the most logical place to look.

A separate forum does make sense. Just the same, I don't understand why people would be upset about posting EOS M threads here. It's not a DSLR so until there is a separate forum this seems like the best place.

Anyway, your shots show that the picture quality is very good. To me, it seems like an interesting camera that just needs a couple of improvements to become a big seller for Canon.

Edit: Have to say one additional thing. I took another look at the pictures you posted and although i don't know what lens you used, they look as good as I've seen from any camera.

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