Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Re: Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

JakeB wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

JakeB wrote:

Thought it was a professional test.

Nope, just one more punter with an opinion.

Actually, an opinion would be my position if I had no samples to substantiate my view.

Professional reviews are fun and a good way to START a search for new gear, but actually using a lens or camera or lens is the only way to know if it will meet your needs and criteria.



What DOESN'T tell you anything is some punter posting a couple of close-up photos, then reposting those same photos every time someone challenges his claims.

"Finally... Tamron beats Nikon" and a couple of pics.

Thanks for the thorough testing at a full range of apertures, focal lengths, and subject distances; really helpful.

Please include your name in future thread titles so I'll know to ignore.

You seem like a angry guy!

I posted photos at various focal lengths, at close ranges and then far. You can find those shots easily. I generally shot wide open. I'm not sure if people want to see the lens stopped down.

There's nothing different from my samples from the many posted by others, except I tend to shoot people more than charts and box labels, but if you want to see such comparisons...

I just don't think shots like this, which I did initially when performing a AF tune for the Tamron, is the best way to judge a lens. I'd much rather see a good sharp headshot to see how a lens renders.


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