Copying EXIF 'date taken' to Windows file name

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Re: Copying EXIF 'date taken' to Windows file name

Based on your file output it seems as if 1) there might not be EXIF info in the files, or 2) the EXIF is not read for some reason.

1) Try to see if the EXIF date actually exist in the files (you can view it in Irfanview from the Image Menu->Information->Exif Info button-> DateTimeOriginal field)

Viewing EXIF info in Irfanview

, or

2a) make sure you use the latest version of Irfanview with all the EXIF related plugins installed (EXIF plugin is required!),

2b) make sure you use the exact correct name pattern without any spaces or special characters (see the irfanview help file for specific details - HELP button on the batch rename settings dialog window). I use the pattern $E36867_$E272_$F to rename to the Original date ($E36867) and Camera model name ($E272) and original file name with extension ($F) - and using the "Replace text" option to replace the : from the date format with _ underscores. It works perfectly every time.

My Irfanview batch rename settings

You can also use the "run test rename" option to see what the output for your selection might look like.

I suspect your problem might be related to not having the EXIF plugin installed in Irfanview...

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